SEO – search engine optimization

April 5, 2018
SEO - search engine optimization
SEO - search engine optimization

we provide your business with steady ranking improvements that will withstand any Google update.

search engine optimization

seo – search engine optimization

Our goal is to provide your business with steady ranking improvements and long-lasting results that will withstand any Google update. To achieve that and slowly take your business to the top of Google results, we follow the best industry white hat practices and focus on quality over quantity.

what’s included
  • 01.
    website audit
    • we check your website’s current backlink profile and on-site seo.
  • 02.
    keyword research
    • we perform a diligent keyword research using the most effective online tools. we will use them to help you improve your site, create backlinks and, ultimately, attract more traffic to your site.
  • 03.
    technical optimization
    • we improve your website’s interlinking, meta tags, speed, and other important aspects of on-site seo.
  • 04.
    content optimization
    • we analyze the existing content and help it rank higher by improving its seo value.
  • 05.
    backlink strategy
    • after analyzing the backlink profile, we research the best options to improve it, prepare a list of potential websites to cooperate with and create an actionable plan.
  • 06.
    content strategy
    • next, we create a content strategy designed to help you create the necessary backlinks.
  • 07.
    ongoing link building campaign
    • we follow the plan and keep creating new content and building high-quality links to your website. during the process we also analyze keyword position trends to find the ones we should focus on the most
  • 08.
    regular reports and strategy analysis
    • we provide you with in-depth reports and analyze your current strategy to see whether our actions are going in the right way.

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