SEA - search engine advertising

Let us attract clients searching for profitable keywords that would take months to rank for organically

search engine advertising

sea - search engine advertising

Jump to the top position in SERPs within minutes! Let us take advantage of the paid search engine results placements for you and immediately attract clients searching for profitable keywords that would take months to rank for organically. Every campaign that we run is carefully executed and constantly monitored to ensure that all the top-performing ads are scaled at the right time.

what’s included
  • 01.
    existing campaign audit
    • if you already run any bing and google ads campaigns we analyze them to see how we can improve them in the first place.
  • 02.
    keyword research
    • we look for all the keywords that can be used to attract immediate visitors to your website. when looking for them, we focus on intent, quality, and existing competition.
  • 03.
    competitor analysis
    • we analyze the actions and marketing strategy of all competitors that are bidding for the most appropriate and profitable keywords for your business.
  • 04.
    • we estimate the cost of the first phase of the campaign. this can change once we gather more data.
  • 05.
    ad copywriting
    • we use our copywriting skills to create ads that will deliver high ctr (click through rate) decreasing your campaign costs and attracting new visitors.
  • 06.
    ecommerce ads design
    • on top of regular search ads, we can create comprehensive google shopping campaigns – one of their core elements are effective ads promoting your products.
  • 07.
    landing page design
    • we design fast, intuitive, and, most importantly, high-converting landing pages that will go hand-in-hand with the ads and campaign goals.
  • 08.
    analytics setup
    • we double-check that your analytics is set correctly. we create new goals, events and optimize conversion point tracking where necessary.
  • 09.
    full campaign setup
    • we take it all together and set up the campaign. once that’s done, we go live.
  • 10.
    strategy analysis and improvement
    • we analyze the incoming data, close unprofitable ad sets and increase budget on those that deliver.
  • 11.
    regular reports
    • we provide you with transparent reports regarding our actions, costs and campaign results.

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